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Buying safely

The likelihood of anything negative happening to you when purchasing an item is considered minimal but it's always in the best interest to act with caution for a safe and successful experience with Please read our safety tips to ensure your safety.

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28. Dec 2020
Buying safely

If it sounds too good to be true, well... it probably is!

Don't be fooled into what looks like an unbelievable bargain. Let your common sense and intuition guide you when choosing a bargain deal. If an item is advertised at an extremely low price – it may be damaged, stolen or non-existent, thus it always helps to do some research to what you are considering on buying.

Report illicit ads

If you are suspicious that a listing is fraudulent or of an illicit/explicit nature, please let us know so we can take it down. You can report it by using the "report listing" link at the side of each each listing.

Inspect the item thoroughly before making a payment

Arrange to meet the seller accompanied by someone you know, in a local public place/sellers address to ensure the item meets your expectations before exchanging payments.

Secure payments are key to a successful transaction

It is never recommend paying for an item you haven't seen, however if you decide to proceed down this route, ensure you use a secure payment method such as PayPal, does not act as a payment or transactions intermediary system.

Never carry large excessive amounts of cash

It is never wise to carry a large sum of money around with you, even so when strangers know about it. Once you've inspected the item and you are happy with it, head to the nearest bank and withdraw the cash or arrange to meet the seller somewhere safe to exchange payments. Bank transfers can also be a quick and secure way to send money.

Keep a record of your dealings and transactions

Record emails and conversations you have with a buyer to ensure you have as much detail as possible so you can easily track your progress.

Safety tip for buying a vehicle

When looking to purchasing a vehicle, it is always recommend you ensure its legitimacy by asking the seller to provide you with proof of purchase or the vehicles frame/VIN (Vehicles Identification) number. If the price is too good to be true, then there's a chance it may have been stolen or there is something seriously wrong machanically. Always ensure you are completely satisfied with what you are purchasing by doing all the necessary checks before parting with your hard earned money.

Safety tip for buying event tickets

Event suppliers may not allow ticket buyers to resell original tickets to others under their terms and conditions. Always check the supplier's T&Cs on ticket re-sales to ensure you aren't turned away by security for not having the same name/company as shown on your ticket.


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